Remember why we do it. Our vision is to create an atmosphere where people meet the Hope for their soul...the Person of Jesus Christ and the hope He offers for the situation they're in. 

Our standards for our Kids Check-in:

To serve with Check-In you are required to go through Anchor Next. This allows us and you to see your passions, gifts, and to know where you would best serve.

You are required to read the material before the scheduled serving time, wear kids shirt when serving, arrive at 9:15am and notify ministry leader if you are unable to make scheduled time. 

Check- in Check-list

  • grab both iPads and laptop from The desk in Big Kids.

  • password for laptop is: varisty15

  • make sure both iPads and laptop are connected to “lobby 5g” for WiFi

  • make sure table is kept neat and free of personal items like coffee cups, purses, etc.


  • open check-in (purple icon) at the bottom


  • open safari

  • Planning center

  • Log in- click go

  • Top left click services, click check-in

  • Click stations in the middle, then launch station on top right

  • Click become old station


  • Open Arlo App

  • Scroll down till you see Nursery

  • Click the 2 arrows facing each other on the bottom right.

  • Leave this open the entire time so parents can see what’s happening in the nursery while checking their kids in. 

Tear down:

  • Shutdown both iPads and laptop and put them both in big kids area on the desk AFTER service


  • Make sure promo stuff is out like bracelets, keychains, and shirts on both tables 

  • Keep tables clear of any non-checkin related items

  • Keep personal belongings out of view

  • Engage with guests in the foyer when not checking in kids.

  • Remember to always acknowledge and greet kids checking in

  • Direct families to kids rooms (personally if you are free to)

  • Keep the check in area clean at all times

  • SMILE!!!!

As part of the Anchor Kids check in team, we want to make sure that families feel welcome when they walk through the door and that children feel like we’ve been waiting just for them. We want kids to be as safe as possible and we do that by using the security tag drop off and pick up process. We want families to comfortably attend a service knowing that their child is safe, having fun and hearing about Jesus.