For Anchor to have an impact in our community, it takes resources. If you'd like to help to fuel the vision of Anchor Chapel to be a place of "Hope for every soul" you can easily give online. Thank you for your generosity!

mailing address

PO Box 87451, Baton Rouge, LA 70817


As our church grows, God continues to give us more vision and opportunities to reach people in Baton Rouge and around the world with the life-giving message of Jesus. Through the generous giving of the people of Anchor Chapel, we are able to faithfully respond to those opportunities. Our team is committed to operating our finances with integrity, accountability, and generosity in order to make the greatest impact possible for the Kingdom of God.




MINISTRY (34.5%)

This spending is what helps our church reach people, by resourcing our church vision and ministry efforts.


This spending helps us support the needed operations to facilitate ministry.

GIVING (11.5%)

This spending goes to support local, national, and international missions efforts.



In February of 2017 our main church trailer was stolen resulting in a loss of $54,000. The recovery contributions that came in totaled $35,450. This event skews the percentages so it has not been included in the numbers for the yearly financial report.

If you would like a detailed copy of the financial report, please contact us:

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