Remember why we do it. Our vision is to create an atmosphere where people meet the Hope for their soul...the Person of Jesus Christ and the hope He offers for the situation they're in. 

Hosting is a MASSIVE privilege. treat it like one. Pastor Josh and Brooke don’t have to let anyone host. It is their heart to build people according to their gifting. Steward it well and you will be called upon again.


Host responsibilities:

Know your role. You are a transition. Match what you are walking into and take the audience to the next thing.


Connection Cards:

Pressure free. It is for their benefit…we don’t “need” them to do it.

They receive a GIFT not a “prize” when they turn it in to Anchor connections.


Anchor Groups:

Push the importance of connection past just Sundays.


Greet Someone/Anchor Life:

Give them 30 seconds to meet and greet. Make it fun.



Know the content. Don’t assume you can wing it.

Start with prayer, ask God to reveal scripture to you if you are coming out of worship or leading a spiritual moment.

Talk in the mirror. Time yourself. (2 minutes is the time slot)

Confidence is your friend. People won't trust you if you don't trust you.

Don’t wait till you have opportunity to grow in your gifting.

“Ready in and out of season” - Have something to say when the time comes.



Make the script you…you are free to sound natural if the script is written in a way that is difficult to be authentic with.

Lead with “why”…The details are always secondary and less compelling.

Smile while speaking, you look better and it affects the tone of your voice in the best way.

Project from your diaphragm and speak loudly and confidently. Your voice needs to overcome the potential background noise.

It’s usually better to slow down, especially if you find yourself fumbling over your words. The goal is connecting people not reciting it perfectly.

BELIEVE in what you’re communicating!

John Wesley - “Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn.”

Let the message get IN YOU before it gets out…It’ll rid you of your need for notes.