Remember why we do it. Our vision is to create an atmosphere where people meet the Hope for their soul...the Person of Jesus Christ and the hope He offers for the situation they're in. 



Go through pre-sets and assure that they match what’s happening on the stage.

All back lighting must be set to 5% intensity during hosting and preaching settings. The video cameras do not handle direct backlight well and when the intensity is too high it is a distraction to the audience.

The lights should always be practical AND artistic. They need to make sense for what’s happening in the room and not overpower or underwhelm for the moment.

Use enough haze to notice lights but not so much that it spill into the lobby. 

Always make sure are all lights and bulbs are in proper working order before each service.

Know every transition and cue for the morning and match the timing of the ProPresenter operator and what’s happening on stage.


Good Look: