Josh & Brooke Bourgeois are ordained ministers and the founding and lead pastors of Anchor Chapel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They are the adoptive parents of two beautiful children, Brooklyn and Judah. Pastors Josh & Brooke served as student pastors for 11 years in Houma, LA. Pastor Josh also served as associate pastor and production director for 5 years so he's passionate about creating outlets for creativity in the church. Pastor Brooke served as Worship Pastor for 6 years and started leading worship as a student, so Anchor will always emphasize the importance of excellence in our worship. 

Our pastors believe that no matter the age or stage, our passion for Jesus should never die. Their hope for Anchor Chapel is to be a place where passion for Jesus and fearlessly following Him are the norm. 


Anchor Chapel began started holding worship experiences on September 13, 2015 at the iconic Varsity Theatre at the North Gates of LSU’s campus. We always wanted to be known as the kind of church that would go to people instead of having people come to a place they felt uncomfortable in. We believe that the Gospel makes sinners uncomfortable but we don’t have to.


After a time, we realized that in order to reach more people we would have to change venues so we landed at The Cinemark Theatre for the next season. We saw immediate growth but the work load on our team was heavy and not sustainable.


In early 2018, we found a building to lease and began the permitting and construction process until we finally moved in on August 26,2018. For the first time we weren’t a portable church and we began growing in maturity in so many areas. Only God knows what’s next for this powerhouse of a church and we pray that you would find a place with us and our amazing church family.