Remember why we do it. Our vision is to create an atmosphere where people meet the Hope for their soul...the Person of Jesus Christ and the hope He offers for the situation they're in. 


Shots to get:

Wide, Medium & close shots of worship

Always grab wide and zoomed shots of worship from the top of the theater. (During the last two songs is usually best for theses shots.)

Wide, Medium & close shots of preaching

Anchor Kids pictures

Families with kids (Permission only)

People in bright light talking and laughing



Know the schedule for the day so you can anticipate and plan your shots and timing.

Shoot close band pictures during rehearsal.

Intentionally shoot to show the maximum racial diversity.

Group different people together for fun shots.

Avoid shooting down the aisles as it makes the room seem more empty.

Shoot diagonally across a crowd to capture a fuller look.

Put the camera on silent mode and snap away.

Slow down and think about the composition, lighting and moment you’re capturing.

Wear all black to be less noticeable as you’re moving around.


Shots for inspiration: