In the wake of this unprecedented flooding, our city has taken a major hit, leaving no one unaffected. Entire families, churches, and businesses are looking at a long road of rebuilding ahead. We are doing our best to bring help and resources to affected individuals in our church community and beyond. Moving forward we will continue to help in every area as much as possible, and your financial gift of any size is going towards the recovery of homes and the wellbeing of families.

At this time I would like to make you aware of another need that we have been assessing. Unfortunately our portable church has lost a great deal in the flood. We have two trailers full of equipment which are kept at a storage facility that has completely flooded. Our separate storage unit also flooded, resulting in the loss of our sound system that we were keeping for a future move to a permanent church facility. We have lost thousands of dollars worth of equipment needed to operate as an already modest church plant.

As a result we are in need of road boxes, trailers, and finances to rebuild our portable church. We have a very efficient and fiscally responsible church setup, and since we prefer not to have to mix and match potentially incompatible equipment, we are asking for donations that will enable us to rebuild our compact setup.

Our total losses are valued at over $22,000. Please take a look at the attached PDF and prayerfully consider how you may be able to help.

As I write this I feel the weight and stress of the rebuilding process, but I am confident that God has a purpose for Anchor Chapel and know that His timing is perfect. It has been a tough few months for our city to say the least, but in light of it all we see the great need for hope now more than ever. We will continue to bring the hope for every soul, Jesus, to our reeling communities. Join us in this effort to fulfill our highest calling, bringing Jesus to the hopeless.