Video Camera Operator:

Remember why we do it. Our vision is to create an atmosphere where people meet the Hope for their soul...the Person of Jesus Christ and the hope He offers for the situation they're in. 



Set up cameras on tripods. Tear down all camera equipment after service to assure everything goes in the same place you got it.

Level all cameras on tripods with the bottom of the screen.

Wide shot should include the whole screen and body of person on stage.

Close shot should be framed with subject in center of the frame at all times cropping for the IMAG screen from belt to forehead space above hair.

Insert and format SD cards before the first service begins.

Record service on both cameras all the way through.

Close shot should be on worship leader for each specific song for the duration of the song.

Remove both SD cards after the last service and place in SD card case in Pastor Josh’s bag.



White Balance - Tungsten

Aperture - 2.8

Shutter - 1/60

Gain - 0

Automatic audio levels for easier syncing later.


Wide Shot:


Close Shot:

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 10.48.17 AM.png